About Me

Hi!, This is Samir Sabri, the founder of DCACLab, thanks for your visit.

I've been in the field of educational applications development for over 18 years, holding a bachelor's degree with a major in computer science, I just love to develop simulators and I love computer programming. My father was a professional electrician, I started creating little lamp based circuits at my early years of childhood by the help of my father, from there the journey has begun!

DCACLab is intended to be a place to simulate and study circuits online, using a user friendly interface. If you are a teacher then you will find the virtual lab very useful as it will help you teach your students by using interactivity and real time results, as if they were playing a game! And if you are a student, then you will be able to learn and experiment with circuit while making it via various components and measurement tools.

Hobbyists can test and build a circuit that would take an hour at the real lab, can be done in 5 minutes using the virtual lab, DCACLab was launched at 2009, it was within the first online virtual labs out there.

I am happy to listen to your suggestions, ideas and recommendations.

Happy simulation!🙂

Amperes, Volts Plotter

Created: 04 Dec. 2023 23 views

Test buzzer

Created: 29 Oct. 2023 1464 views

watt meter test

Created: 14 Jan. 2022 191 views

Test Push Button

Created: 05 Jul. 2023 159 views

hu hu hu hu

Created: 13 Jan. 2023 77 views

test connection

Created: 04 Jan. 2023 84 views

Bell rings

Created: 25 Dec. 2022 3169 views

LDR simulation

Created: 28 Mar. 2022 6960 views


Created: 28 Sep. 2022 104 views

multi A bug

Created: 28 Oct. 2021 179 views

test ampere

Created: 28 Oct. 2021 181 views

Circuit analysis using kirchhoff current law

Created: 22 Feb. 2019 30492 views

test led

Created: 09 Sep. 2021 203 views

Sound feature demo!

Created: 06 Sep. 2021 696 views

Normalized waveforms

Created: 25 May. 2020 6110 views

Oscilloscope channels test

Created: 13 Jan. 2019 20289 views

Charging discharging capacitor experiment

Created: 07 May. 2019 15367 views

Oscilloscope test

Created: 09 Jan. 2019 1677 views

Full Wave Rectifier

Created: 12 Aug. 2016 8815 views

RC Low Pass Filter

Created: 03 Nov. 2018 2661 views

A stable multivib test

Created: 08 Jun. 2014 5456 views

Test diode readings

Created: 10 Jun. 2014 3583 views

Double Throw Double Pole Switch (DPDT)

Created: 16 Jul. 2014 4512 views

Simple Fan connected

Created: 04 May. 2014 4913 views

Batteries connection test

Created: 28 Aug. 2015 10177 views

Play with 4 bands resistors colors

Created: 18 Jan. 2017 3744 views

Voltmeter internal resistance

Created: 08 Jan. 2018 5983 views

Series and parallel resistors

Created: 10 Jan. 2018 4345 views
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