a free CAD application for designing and manufacturing electronics hardware. a marketplace where engineer and board houses connect and collaborate to create the world's newest ideas a one-stop-shop for board ordering.
Circuit Diagram - Schematics is the language of electronics. It provides a concise and comprehensive diagrammatic description of a circuit. allows users to connect and share designs and ideas in a like-minded community.
EasyEDA - A cloud based circuit design tool to help designers move from idea to manufactured prototype by providing comprehensive data and collaboration tools for electronic design. It is suitable for all users spanning from hobbyists to engineers.
Sixty Second Tech - is a website directory that lists quality websites they find valuable and resourceful for the Technology community. The website looks for Technology websites on the internet, organizes them according to their categorization based on their subjects and chooses featured websites of the day from the listing. The website also publishes Press Releases from top Technology companies.
Power Electronics News - Power Electronics News offers electrical engineering news focused on Power and Power solutions. Up to date solutions and products featuring the latest innovations in power solutions.

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