Wave forms for half wave rectification

I am using your oscilloscope to show wave forms on halfwave rectification. The waveforms are not correct. Please see the short video. Here is the Link. half wave rec

Please set the bins as below:

Still Wrong. Please see attached image.


Kindly check snapshot below, as you can see in this example, VOLTS/DIV is 3V, while the AC power source is 6V ( peak to peak )

I picked 6V AC and V/D 3V for getting clear plotting result. As you can see the blue wave reaches 5.7V in this case with minimum ~ - 847mV

For previous case the V/T was set to 55V, which make the rectified wave barely noticed.

While the Oscilloscope focuses on realistic UI, DCACLab also provides integration with NGSpice advanced library which can be activated with the Analysis mode, and plots results using detailed time domain graph.

Your feedback highly appreciated.