Syncin the Ocilloscope

Is there a way to sync the waveform on the ocilloscope ?

Hi @aspinosa

Currently, our software does not include an explicit oscilloscope trigger functionality to sync waveforms. However, you can optimize the display of your waveforms using the available settings:

  1. Vertical Position (Y-Pos): Adjust the Y-Pos knobs for each channel to center your waveform vertically on the screen.
  2. Vertical Scale (VOLTS/DIV): Use the VOLTS/DIV knobs to set an appropriate voltage scale so that your waveform is clearly visible without clipping.
  3. Horizontal Scale (TIME/DIV): Adjust the TIME/DIV knob to set the time base. This helps you control how many cycles of the waveform are displayed on the screen.

I hope this answers your question. Having said that, the oscilloscope trigger functionality and integration of circuit breakers are on our features roadmap, ex: GFCI. Which one do you think is more important to implement first?