Osscilloscope Syncing Feature very important in the Instruction of Electronics

Please Create a synch function for the Oscilloscope. How can you analysis the inputs and output waveforms with out being able to sync the scope. This is very important for Instruction on erase conditions , bandwidth, Phase relationships and timing logic.

Thank you for your valuable suggestion.

We understand the importance of a sync function for the Oscilloscope in analyzing inputs and output waveforms, especially for instructions on erase conditions, bandwidth, phase relationships, and timing logic. We will start working on this feature and keep you updated on our progress in this thread.

Thank you again for your feedback!

@aspinosa while we implement this feature on the oscilloscope, we would like to draw your attention to the time domain analysis tool, ex: RL series - Online Circuit Simulator | DCACLab

Also, currently for the oscilloscope, you can stop the simulation and measure time between two peeks as below: