Op-amp output to a transformer

How I can connect my Op-Amp output to a transformer.

When I connected my output of the op amp directly to a transformer, all my circuit got affected. I want to know the reason why my circuit got damaged and how I can correct this.

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Can you add a snapshot please ? and explain, what are you trying to build ?

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Thanks for your reply. I am attaching my OPA548 op amp circuit for your reference. The output of this op amp circuit(26Vpp) to be connected to a audio transformer.

Question :
How I can connect transformer to the op amp output.
Transformer Details:
Part number - 1626SEA
Prim. Impedance - 16ohms
Sec. Impedance - 600ohms
Inductance - 15 henrys
Watts - 25 Watts

kindly help me to solve this issue.

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In transformer, input voltage and output voltage are low. Transformer is positive device, its input voltage is same of output voltage. When we use high voltage in primary winding of a transformer, the secondary side of winding of a transformer provides high voltage, so primary winding is affected by high current flow and will be damaged.

In amplifier, we know, low voltage signal converts to a high voltage signal.

According your question, if we use op amp output to a transformer’s primary side as an input voltage, the secondary side will be provided huge voltage signal and amplitude. So primary winding of the transformer will be damaged by high current flow.

I think that you can use transformer’s output to a op amp because transformer provides low voltage. And low voltage signal can be converted to high voltage using op amp. For this, there is no affection in op amp because we know op amp can converts low voltage to high voltage signal.

Thanks for sharing your question.