How to use Wattmeter

Can you please provide a step by step guide for using the Wattmeter? There isnt a “How To” article in your site for this tool.

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Hello @macris061999

Thanks for your question, we will create a new article for how to use Wattmeter, but answering your question, please check this test circuit watt meter test - Online Circuit Simulator | DCACLab

  1. “In” and “Out”: These represent the current terminals. You connect these in series with the circuit or the component where you want to measure the power. The current is the same as that flowing in the circuit.
  2. “G” and “VG”: These represent the voltage terminals. You connect these across (in parallel with) the component where you want to measure power. The voltage across these terminals is the same as the voltage across the component.

This is a typical connection for a wattmeter, which measures power based on the product of the current through and voltage across a device.

its reading ~4W as its the current ( ~ 2 A ) multiplied with voltage around the selected resistor ( ~ 2 V )