7 Ways How Technology Has Helped In the Education Of Students
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7 Ways How Technology Has Helped In the Education Of Students

With the modern technology learning Electronics for students have become a lot easier than before. Its very easy to understand the concept of how the electronic components work and how to use them in real time application. Unlike to wait for electronic experts to show up you can go to websites where they publish the peace of information to help people like you, or you can discuss something further as well. There are many ways but we have illustrated 7 Ways How Technology Has Helped In the Education Of Students most effectively.

1. Circuit simulation Softwares

Circuit simulation Softwares

Suppose that you need do design a circuit which is going to perform a signal processing or operate with any operation. You plan for some operations then did your calculations, as per it you select the components you are going to use. You prepared the whole circuit, gave the power supply and the circuit did not worked as you expected, even it could be worse then not working as expected.

What a circuit Simulation softwares does is it saves you from the pain of replacing the components and helps you finding the flaw in the circuit.

With the help of simulation software you can have several advantages.

  • Building a circuit in a circuit simulation softwares is way more easier than in real life.
  • It is very easy to modify the circuit in case if it does not works at the first attempt.
  • You can use any electronic components, it doesn’t matters whether you have it physically or not.
  • You can debug the whole circuit with a single click.
  • The circuit simulation softwares do reduce the development time and cost.

2. Electronic Discussion Forums

Electronic Discussion Forums

There are several popular Electronics forum like edaboard.com, electronicspoint.com etc where you can discuss any electronic related topic with thousands of experts in the field.

An electronic Discussion Forum is a place where any people can interact with electronic as well as newbies.

It is the best place to ask things like asking for the way to repair a device or how to make a circuit which does such thing when some voltage and current is supplied.

3. Open Source

Open Source arduino boards

Who doesn’t loves open source platform ?

They are free to use and customize also you can use these platform as per your wish.

Open source platform such as arduino and raspberry pi are the great ways to introduce the concept of digital electronics to the peoples who are new in the field.

Since these are open source and can be easily blend in your application you can easily use these in many types of electronics projects. You can easily spot few electronic projects (which have used arduino) on the popular websites like reddit which have literally gone out of the box.  

4. Research Paper

If you are too much interested in the field of electronics and want to learn about what’s trending or the latest inventions in electronics, then you can easily get it in Electronics Research paper online.

5. Online Guide

If you are completely new to learn Electronics then there are websites like circuits.io and learnabout-electronics.org which guides you from the very basics of the electronics.

Online Guide for electronics are very helpful as you can get to know anything without spending the time on the lab or reading books in a library.

6. Online Labs

Online Labs

Online Labs for Electronics are not much different from circuit simulation softwares, the great difference is that you do not have to install some software to work on it.

Instead of installing a circuit simulation softwares you can simply visit an Online Lab for Electronics and work with your circuit design.

Unlike to other Labs the dcaclab.com has a very helpful interface for newbies and hobbyist which helps to interact with the simulation just like working in an electronics lab.

7. Video Guides

Video Guides

Videos are very essential media in order to learn and understand the different concept in electronics, and you can find number of videos related with electronics in youtube which is one of the most popular websites in the world.

There are several youtube channels such as Electronics Hub and All About Circuits which are great sources to learn from if you are an electronics hobbyist and you make electronics projects.


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