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Draw this in 2d drawing 7 days before

Wave forms for half wave rectification about 1 month before

The circuit don´t change ot public about 1 month before

Night light projector about 2 months before

Osscilloscope Syncing Feature very important in the Instruction of Electronics about 2 months before

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Are you a student or teacher struggling with understanding electronic circuits? Does the confusion of traditional methods hinder your progress? At DCACLab, we've crafted a solution specifically for these challenges. Our aim is to make learning and teaching electronics a breeze.

Our online circuit simulator bridges the gap between theory and practice with an intuitive interface. It allows you to design, simulate, and share electronic circuits online, witnessing the interplay of components in real-time. You can directly observe and manipulate the behavior of circuits, making learning more engaging and effective.

For educators, DCACLab enhances your lessons with interactive diagrams and live demonstrations. For students, it provides a safe space to experiment and learn, leading to a deeper understanding of electronics. With DCACLab, frustration turns into hands-on learning and comprehension.

Welcome to your new journey in understanding electronics better. With DCACLab, electronics becomes less of a mystery and more of an exciting field to explore.

Realistic Multimeter

Realistic Multimeter

Explore the capabilities of a lifelike multimeter in our interactive simulator. Equipped with features for measuring ohms, voltage, and resistance, it offers an immersive and authentic educational experience. Delve into the realm of electronics with ease and comprehension.

Resistor Color Code

Resistor Color Code

Learn the Resistor Color Code in an engaging and interactive way. Set resistance values by selecting colors or inputting numerical values. Deepen your understanding of electronics and the visual language of resistors with our intuitive simulator.

A 3 Channels Oscilloscope displayed in the interactive simulator, demonstrating real-time signal monitoring."

Three Channel Oscilloscope

Discover the capabilities of a 3-channel oscilloscope in our interactive simulator. View multiple signals in real-time and uncover insights into electronic circuit operations. An essential learning tool for beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike.

Intuitive Power Tools

In-browser simulation and plotting accelerate your design and analysis, ensuring your circuit functions correctly before any physical assembly begins.

Digital Multimeter
Student assignments

The Classroom feature and assignments in DCACLab transform the way educators assign and review student work. This centralized, intuitive space allows teachers to seamlessly distribute assignments and monitor the progress of their students. Each student's submitted work is organized and easily accessible, enabling educators to provide timely feedback and track academic performance efficiently. This feature not only enhances the learning experience but also streamlines the administrative tasks, allowing teachers to focus more on teaching and less on managing paperwork.


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DCACLab is a great way to introduce basic electronics concepts to students! I have looked for a long time and have not seen other websites or software showing real-time simulations that could hold the attention of middle school students until I used DCACLab. The visuals are engaging and the efficiency of being able to show relationships between voltages, currents, and resistances in series and parallel connections is remarkable. I didn't know, Samir, the founder of DCACLab, prior to using the simulator, but when I contacted him about certain features in the Lab, he was and has been very supportive. Needless to say, tech support is beyond exceptional and is done in the spirit of enhancing teaching and learning electronics! My students and I are very, very grateful!

STEM Educator at Rosemont Middle School in California

The visual you have included for electron flow is fantastic and really helped them understand how current is divided in a parallel circuit.

Student at Holland College

It is enjoyable to interact with it. The user interface gives me the sensation of operating a real Relay unit in a laboratory.

Enthusiast in Queensland

Begin Simulation Using DCACLab