Saving circuit when not logged in

Saving circuit when not logged in

We have a update which is going to enhance your virtual lab experience !

As we always try to provide you the best of DCACLab experience to you.

It is very common and you certainly might have an experienced it earlier.

You’ve worked through an experiment or made the amazing circuit.

But, You remember that either you are not logged in or you do not have a DCACLab account.

It is very painful, even for us.

We have to login, make the circuit and calibrate those components again.

Not after this update !

Now you can save your work whether if you’re not logged in.

All you have to do is to follow the simple steps below.

Steps to save the circuit in DCAClab when the user is not logged in

After the new update, you will be able to save the experiments temporarily if you’re not logged in to your account.

Step 1 : Head over to the top left of the page.

Optional : Check on the Public box if you want your experiment to be shown as a public or leave it as it if you want to keep it private (you can change it later).

Step 2 : Click on the Save button as shown in the screenshot below.

click on the save button
Step 3 :
Enter the name of your experiment/circuit and hit the OK button as shown in the screenshot below.

enter the name of your circuit or experiment

Step 4 : You’ll see a message asking for weather you want to login/signup to save your work permanently.  Click on yes and it will redirect you to login/signup page.

message box displaying circuit saved message

signup or login to your account

Step 5 : Login to your account and head over to your dashboard.

head over to your dashboard

You’ll see the name of the experiment/circuit which you have saved. From here you can carry on your experiment or share your work with your friends.

Note : You can try this feature when you’re not login to your account. In case if you are already logged in to your account the experiment will be directly saved in your dashboard. 

Check out the Lab to give it a try.

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