Ideas for new components.

Started by Sam Watson

Sam Watson

Hey Samir and everyone. It would be fun to have some gated components someday…Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCR), Triacs and maybe the ever-popular Programmable Unijunction Transistor (PUT). Just some ideas for the future.
Thanks for a great site, Samir.

Samir Sabri.

Thanks Sam, I am sorting all new suggestions & trying to figure out which one to start with, I think adding colors code for transistor component would be very useful for students too..

Tom Williams

Hello Samir, I am new to the DCACLab and I am enjoying using the lab. I was wondering if there is a way to have a 0-20 MiliAmp generator. I have sensors in a system that I work with and I would like to simulate my system in the lab.

Samir Sabri.

Hello Tom,
Currently, there is no current source generator in the lab, but as you have mentioned it, I will put it in the close road map, as I am currently working on adding a useful text component to enable adding labels and captions and OR AND logical components and then the current source generator, within a month or so.. subscribe to the newsletter so that you get notified!

Md. Anisur Rahman

Dear Mr. Samir Sabri,

You can add some components: these are-

  1. Amplifier
  2. Magnetism
  3. Binary Counters
  4. 4-bit Modulo-8 Counter
  5. 4-bit Modulo-16 Counter
  6. Factor 1, 2, 3, fase 1,2,3
  7. 7-segment Display Counter
  8. Arduino
  9. polarized Capacitor
  10. All electronics sensors
  11. keypad 4 X 4
  12. NeoPixel strip
  13. IR Remote
  14. LCD Display
  15. Microprocessor
  16. Function Generator
  17. NMOS Transistor
  18. PMOS Transistor
  19. Power supply
  20. Integrated Circuits

then your site will be developed more and more. I hope your site reach in higher position.

Md. Anisur Rahman
Founder and teacher,
Science School for Poor Students.

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