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Craig Cygan

Does anyone have any knowledge or information on solar lights? I must have over $100 in old and new solar lights that don't work. I really hate to throw them all away if they can be fixed. I would say about 90% of them all have the following components in common.
Solar Panel, battery, led light bulb, a 4 pin transistor and a resistor. the problem seems to be that almost every light has a different board. Some very simple and a few a little more organized(?) .

Does anyone know if there is a common board that I can buy and swap out all the boards so all the lights are the same and easy to maintain.?

Robert Hanviriyapunt

I can't get a LED circuit to work (not burn out the LED). I am using a 1.5V and the red LED. I try putting resistors and or bulbs with modified resistance, but the LED always goes out! Help!

Samir Sabri.

Thanks Robert for reporting this, I've just fixed it, now LED max ampere is 0.02

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