Various Bugs

Started by Martin Knödler

Martin Knödler

Hi there,

I was happy to find your DCACLAB on the web and signed up, to use it in school with my technical pupils.

In every class I had there were technical issues. Today at some point nobody in the class could light up an LED. The same circuit worked before.


On another experiment with a lot of cables and diodes the current flow would not show. Turning it off helped to get the experiment working.

Another time turning power of the circuit on and off helped to get it working correctly again.


The slide feature crashed my hole experiment - as far as I remember there was only the text screen shown and I could not get to the experiment itself; had to delete it.

Do you know about these problems? Is it language or browser specific? I have german settings and use firefox.

At the moment I tend to quit the abo...


Martin Knödler

Samir Sabri.

Hello Martin,

I am sorry for such bugs, if you can send me any snapshot, I will be able to investigate the error further.

From the description you have, I will try to check and fix issues.


Thanks very much,

Samir Sabri

Samir Sabri.

Also, I need to know the components params that you have used with Diode, may be there were differences in values? like voltage or resistance?

Also, did you look at the happy face at the top-left corner of the lab? if it was sad, there is logical errors that prevented the simulator to calculate the results, ex: very complex circuit..

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