private saved circuts not working

Started by greg woodruff

greg woodruff

My saved circuits to work on later are not working. No power flow no amp flow no functions of any items. I tried refreshing page and restarting several times, Starting to wonder if my 69 dollars spent on this program is a fraud

Samir Sabri.

Can you please send a snapshot of your circuit after looking power?
To save the circuit, click on edit button at top left of screen, (over the thumbnail) then you can see save button..

Richard Kensley

Hi Samir, thanks for responding so quickly. I did notice later that I could save after clicking the edit button. I couldn't save the "lost power" circuit since I hadn't learned how to save at the time. If it happens again, I will send the circuit. — richard

Samir Sabri.

You are welcome, maybe I have to add a little note next to the editor button.. please let me know if you need anything..
Happy Simulating !

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