editing voltages ad other stuff

Started by greg woodruff

greg woodruff

When placing battery on board after awhile cant edit voltage or flip direction. Rotating items are near impossible. and you cant rotate the capacitors.

greg woodruff

still having difficulty. It takes me more time setting up items, They turn on there own and there is no easy way to place them where you want,

I wish there was a icon on top of screen to rotate item manually 90 degrease at a time until desired placement is reached

Samir Sabri.

What happens when you try to edit voltage? do you see a message? rotation is not supported for all items, which item to need to rotate?

Samir Sabri.

I think its better to remove auto rotate while dragging components, and set rotation by a little button, this would make it easier.

A rotation button near the selected component, what do you think?

Samir Sabri.

Hi Greg,


I have added a new feature, that is to snap components rotation to grid as an option, and I have added rotation to properties inspector, I am testing the new feature, and I will deploy it within two days..


Samir Sabri.

The new feature is there now, you can rotate components using the property inspector, "Rotation:" as would you set any other property, like resistance or voltage..

Also, you can now un-check the "Snap Rotation" at board, so that component only rotates when you want to rotate it.


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