Bug report

Started by Anders Hjortholt

Anders Hjortholt

Hello Dcac

We have been testing your new virtual lab. It looks very promising. We are however experiencing a few problems. Often after a while, we are unable to change voltage on the battery, colors on the wires and it is no longer possible to flip the battery. If we reload the page everything works again, but we have lost our experiment.

Hope you can use our feedback.

Have a nice weekend

Samir Sabri.

Thank you Andres for your report, is this problem easy to repeat? is it repeatable? After how long while using the lab you see this issue?
Can you send me the steps that would lead to this issue?

Thanks very much, we will do our best to resolve the issue.

Samir Sabri.

Hello, we have done few bug fixing, we hope that your problem is solved, although we haven't hear back from you, do you have other feedback to give?

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