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Updates for LED in DCACLAB

Updates for LED in DCACLAB

We keep introducing the new updates in the DCACLAB in order to provide you the more real like experience in the virtual lab.

Maximum Current for LED

In this update the LEDs will blow if the current exceeds above 20mA or 0.02A. You will have to apply a suitable value of resistance in order to use the LED just similar to real life circuits.

Below is the example of three circuits, Circuit A which has no resistance, Circuit B with resistor that has a value below then required and Circuit C with resistor that has a sufficient resistance.

LED Color and its Corresponding Threshold Voltages


With a recent update in the DCACLAB a feature in LED was introduced in which you select the color of the LED and its corresponding threshold voltage takes into effect.

Below is the list of the color and its threshold or forward voltage which you will find while switching the colors of the LED.

  Color Name Threshold or Forward voltage (Vf @ 20ma)
Ultra Red 1.8
Super Red 2.2
Super Orange 2.2
Orange 2.1
 Yellow 2.1
Cool White 3.6
Super Lime Yellow 2.0
Super Lime Green 2.0
Pure Green 2.1
Aqua Green 3.5
Blue Green 3.5
Super Blue 3.6
Ultra Blue 3.8

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