DCACLab Content Writer
Job Description

Who Are We Looking For?

DCACLab is a rapidly growing Online Circuit Simulator with a real like interface to simulate circuits online which makes it easy to learn how things actually work and inspires users to experiment more without bursting components on real electronics lab.

We are just getting started to provide guidance and instructions which will ultimately make electronics even more fun. If this same passion is why you write, you may be the perfect fit for our team!

We believe that the only way to make this platform stand out by means of helping others to learn and grow in electronics is to produce the best content.

As a writer, if you value producing high-quality work that actually helps our readers. Then keep reading further!

We have been writing our own content for quite some time, but we’re now looking for assistance from someone with good knowledge of electronics to help our audience learning electronics.

We’re looking for proactive writers in electronics who seek an opportunity to grow their writing career on electronics and display their excellence in front of our audience.

Someone who is good to work remotely and is interested in a long-term relationship. Also, the one who is willing to dive into the specialized niche of electronics to write long-form lessons/guides (about 1000-2000 words per piece of work).

We value your time. We respect your work. And we’re willing to invest heavily into the right writing professional!

Reach us out further to discuss the starting pay and all possibilities for raises.

What Will You Be Doing?
A creative writer with experience blogging, writing articles, or educating and has a passion for electronic circuits is perfect for this position! Since we’re looking for someone who can operate remotely, you can join our team regardless of where are you from.
Per writing project, you’ll receive the topic in the form of a headline, along with some supporting topics and questions within your content.

You are not bound to collect as well as link out to the sources you collect. You’ll be responsible for all the researching and writing for our Blog.

Job Description:

1. Gather information on the given topic related to electronics by researching articles, books, videos, and asking questions on forums. This is where most of the work will be!

In general, there will be about 10-20 sources for you to look at before writing.
Distinguish the facts from the myths by using evaluative thinking. We take the accuracy of our instructions very seriously!

2. Organize your research into a comprehensive paradigm and outline
the blog content.

Answer the questions we gave you.
Reach your own unique conclusions on the given topic (if applicable).
For large topics that surpass a 1000 word post, break the content appropriately into multiple pieces. (Usually, no subheading should exceed 200 words).

3. Finally, write the blog to be engaging and compel the readers to engage with your content by leaving their comment, sharing it with their social media.

Whenever possible, Implements storytelling with your points. (We’re aware that without experience, adding personal stories will be difficult. In your initial stage we will step in to add this within spaces you create or we will create several when possible.)
Explain theories and facts with simple words and use a conversational, yet objective tone.

Minimum Requirements

Send us a writing portfolio of your best & most relevant work to show your writing and storytelling skills.

Must be willing to complete revisions and be open constructive feedback.
Must be interested in a long-term relationship. If you’re just looking for a few months of work, this is not for you.
English native or bilingual proficiency is a must!

*Formal education is less important than an actual writing experience. Any knowledge of electronics or electrical is a HUGE BONUS.


If you’re interested in working with DCACLab because it’s an opportunity to use your skills as a way to improve people’s lives (and make money as a bonus!), email us your writing portfolio, and anything else that can showcase your talent and vision.
We welcome any questions you may have about the position or our team as well. After reviewing all applications, We will personally contact select applicants for a quick Practical Review.
Also, send your resume.

Contact info can be found at https://dcaclab.com/en/contact-us

Many thanks!

Samir Sabri